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"No matter the stresses of your day, the things on your mind, the pain in your neck, or the tension in your shoulders, you will be amazed at how Faye and Erik make all these things and more dissolve under their fingertips." -gratefulgyrl, Portland Citysearch



Welcome to Aqua Terra and the wonderful  world of massage!  Our skilled therapists specialize in "massage for two"  where you and a friend or loved one can enjoy the knowledgeable touch of a massage catered to your individual needs.  We also offer single massage for individuals who come in solo.

Luxurious healing.  Aqua Terra is located in the historic Weatherly building in southeast Portland.  Aqua Terra specializes in massage for two.  Using fine oils, luxurious silk linens and aromatherapy, it is important for us to treat you to the most relaxing of experiences.  We have custom made cloud-like padding on our massage tables.

An experience for your whole being.  We use an Ionic Breeze air purifier to give you a break from the allergens of the northwest, and give you an hour to deeply breathe clean air.  We provide freshly-filtered water before and after the massage. Our Bose surround-sound music system gives you the feeling
of being engulfed in serene music.  Cleanliness is of utmost importance to us.  We ensure that the massage tables and linens are thoroughly clean for you. 

Excellent therapists.  Our licensed massage therapists give a massage that is blissfully relaxing, yet deeply influencing.  You will leave your massage walking taller, breathing deeply, and feeling more connected.

Consistently performing at a high level of excellence, our therapists are often told, "That was the best massage I've ever had!"  From Ironman athletes to traveling executives, all of our clients receive superb,  hand-tailored massage from bright and well-trained therapists.  We enjoy a calm, personable atmosphere, and pride ourselves in never skimping on your massage time.  Don't forget to add fifteen minutes to your appointment time, because we don't start the clock until our hands are on you.

State-of-the-art massage.  We are dedicated to making your experience at Aqua Terra more than just a regular massage.  We have taken care to create a safe, comfortable atmosphere where you and your companion can relax and diffuse while connecting on a deeper level.

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