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Relax together with a healing couples massage.

We aim to make every massage the experience of a lifetime.

We specialize in side-by-side couples massage, where you and a friend or loved one can enjoy the knowledgeable touch of a massage catered to your requests. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to providing massage excellence. We have taken care to create a safe, comfortable atmosphere where you and your companion can relax and diffuse while connecting on a deeper level. We also offer individual massage if you would like to come in solo.

Relaxation at Aqua Terra Couples Massage

Proudly serving Portland since 2003
We both decided to indulge in a 90 minute couples massage, and I really didn't want to leave. Don't have enough kind words to say about them, loved the experience here and my boyfriend and I will definitely be back.

Exceptional couples massage
You and your loved one can enjoy your couples massage, knowing you are in the capable hands of our tenured massage therapists. We have enjoyed working together, side-by-side, for over fifteen years.

Luxurious healing
Using fine oils, luxurious silk linens and aromatherapy, we treat you to the most relaxing of experiences. We have made custom, cloud-like padding on our massage tables.

An experience for your whole being
We use an ionizing air purifier to allow you to deeply breathe clean air. We provide freshly-filtered water before and after the massage. Our surround-sound music system envelopes you in serene music. We enjoy a calm, personable atmosphere, and pride ourselves in being generous with your massage time.

Massage excellence
Our therapists are dedicated to making your massage an exceptional experience for you. We use Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, reflexology and abdominal palpation techniques to reduce tensions in your body to help you deeply relax. We take time to ask you what you want from your massage every session, and sculpt your massage to your requests.


All about couples massage

An effective massage leaves you feeling more structurally aware and relaxed.

Location of your couples massage
Aqua Terra Massage is a private studio located in the historic Weatherly building in southeast Portland.

Meet your couples massage therapists
Aqua Terra has grown out of our love of purely excellent massage.