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If you haven't had a massage at Aqua Terra yet you are missing out!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My husband and I have had a few couples massages from Faye and Erik and they have been amazing every time. The way the massage is almost like a dance to the soothing music they are playing. They make it a point to talk to you beforehand to see if you have any problem spots. I told Erik I had had a stiff neck for the past week due it tweaking it at the gym. He focused a good amount of time in it, getting it to release. My husband said Faye uses her body strength to dig deep into his sore muscles. My husband and I are both fitness enthusiasts who spend a lot of time beating up our bodies, Faye and Erik know just how to put us back together. If you haven't had a massage at Aqua Terra yet you are missing out!!

So good!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

So good! Amazing massages!

Excellent experience!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent experience!

Left refreshed and rejuvenated after hiking the past week
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Booked a 1 1/2 hour couples massage with Erik and Faye! They were super accommodating! We learned great breathing techniques as we received our massage and also left refreshed and rejuvenated after hiking the past week! Thank you so much! See you next year!

Top notch from the get go
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Faye and Erik of Aqua Terra Massage are the only massage therapists my husband and I will ever trust in the Portland, Oregon area.

I booked a couple's massage with them on a whim after a rough work week and the execution of our visit - from first contact to leaving the studio - was absolutely perfect.

The customer service was top notch from the get go. There was some miscommunication on my part at first and Faye called my cell phone and texted me to work things out.

The moment we walked in to Aqua Terra Massage, we knew we were in for a real treat. The space is beautiful, large, and clean - but also very unassuming and down to earth. It was luxurious in its simplicity. Faye and Erik introduced themselves, offered us each a glass of water, and discussed our needs before letting us choose our massage oils and leaving us to undress. The massage tables were kept warm the entire time and the head rest was covered in a comfy, plush velvet.

Erik had my husband at "hello" - he had a very calm, soothing, voice that wiped all that week's stresses away. He was also highly knowledgeable and gave my husband tips for soothing sore muscles (he's a weight lifter, so he is always sore). After his massage, my husband felt no lower back pain and was able to get out of bed without wincing - the first in three years!

Faye and I, surprisingly, had a very strong connection during my massage and we were very in tune with our deep breathing exercises. For a petite woman, she was very strong and consistent with my deep tissue massage. She hit all of my focus points and I felt so renewed. I didn't want to leave after our massages and told my husband, "Namaste here forever". :)

We will definitely be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were very attentive
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My boyfriend and I had an amazing couples' massage today by Faye and Erik! They were very attentive to each of our problem areas or complaints and they truly addressed said issues on each of us! The atmosphere was very lovely and soothing including the lighting, color theme, and ambient music. This was a very comfortable and relaxing experience and I highly recommend Aqua Terra Massage.

It is clear they enjoy their work
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

During my last visit to Portland and to celebrate my birthday, I scheduled a couples massage. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from Aqua Terra, but we both thoroughly enjoyed this experience and are still talking about it 4 days later! It is obvious both Faye and Erik have been doing this for years and have developed their own unique style of massage. They are thoughtful and it is clear that they enjoy their work. I love supporting small, local businesses and this one is definitely worth your time and money. We will definitely be back next time we're in Portland!

Live two hours away
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What a wonderful massage! My wife and I went in for a couples massage. She had cancer and was dealing with neuropathy and pain. Erik was so kind and gentle, she felt so comforted and peaceful after. My massage was also great - probably the best massage I have ever had. Even though I live two hours away, I still make time for a massage when I get to Portland.

Love Faye and Erik
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My wife and I have been getting massage here for years. Love Faye and Erik.

Incredibly comfortable
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Erik and Faye are the nicest people, and they made me and my boyfriend feel incredibly comfortable in their cozy room.

The massages were both personalized to my and my boyfriends separate needs and we both left feeling like melted mush piles from their magic fingers.

We both decided to indulge in a 90 minute couples massage, and I really didn't want to leave. The massage oils they have to choose from are all heavenly, the decor and music is dreamy, and Faye hit several pressure points on me that I never knew existed on my own body. My boyfriend has extremely tight areas on his body and needs a lot of pressure to release his tension, and Erik didn't disappoint him, he couldn't stop talking about it.

Don't have enough kind words to say about them, loved the experience here and my boyfriend and I will definitely be back.

Quiet and calm environment
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great place for a couples massage! We really enjoyed the calm and quiet environment! Best of all they were able to accommodate my pregnant wife, we really appreciated that!

First couples massage
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

First couples massage for my husband and I. I was nervous at first as I've only ever been to women massage therapists...and was a little awkward with having another man in the room. (Yes..I'm always awkward!) It was all good....both were very personable and relaxed. They were thorough in making sure we got the type of massage we wanted.

Very relaxing and felt great when we left.

Mid week relaxing day
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We went to visit Faye & Eric for a mid week relaxing day. It was wonderful. Very clean, they are so nice and make you very comfy. We'll def go back!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We are only going here for massages now! Amazing!

Incredibly nice
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Such a great experience here, Erik and Faye were so incredibly nice and did exactly what we wanted in terms of pressure. Faye did a great deep tissue on my upper back and neck area. By far it was the best message we have both had. Next time we are in town we will book with them.

Calm, relaxing, and spiritual
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Calm, relaxing, and spiritual. We highly recommend Faye and Erik. The massage was more than we expected and it woke up muscles that I forgot I had. A great experience worth going back for more!

First massage ever
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Amazing experience! I purchased a couples massage for the first time (first massage ever for my partner too) and it was a wonderful experience for the both of us and honestly one of the best massages I've ever received. As long as we are in Portland, we will be returning!

Genuine and lovely people
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Erik and Faye are genuine and lovely people, their space is peaceful, elegant, and I got an outstanding structural massage from Erik. I not only felt wonderful upon leaving, but my sacrum, hips and legs were moving differently - more fluidly - and that's the sign of great work! I look forward to experiencing Faye's gifts as well as Erik's again in the future.

You will love your experience
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Faye and Erik were amazing! They obviously know what they are doing. My husband and I treated ourselves to a couples massage for our anniversary. I wish we could see them once a month! We were put at ease immediately. They checked in occasionally about pressure and such but nothing bothersome. Whether you've had a million massages or never before you will love your experience at aqua terra. Whenever we are in Portland we will be going to aqua terra!

Traveled all over the world
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My first massage and it was incredible. My boyfriend and I went here for our anniversary and will be back for sure! He has traveled all over the world and has enjoyed many different styles of massage BUT Erik's massage put all the others in the past. Great place to go!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wow. Go here.

Best of the best
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Thank you Faye & Erik. You guys are the best of the best!

Down to earth
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Erik and Faye are the most down to earth amazing people. I can't say enough about the two of them, then combine that with massage and it's pure bliss. I've been for both couples massages and singles and have yet to leave less than pleased. Their conveniently located studio is amazing as well.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

All I can say is WOW!!! My boyfriend and I were celebrating 6 years together. I surprised him with a one hour couples massage. Not only was he surprised, but so was I. Best massage I have ever had. Erik and Faye are a great husband and wife team. They listen to your needs and truly go out of their way to meet them. I have had knots and tight upper back and shoulders for ever. I actually walked out of there feeling like some of the areas were relaxed. The deep tissue technique was amazing. Faye was able to open up spaces in my vertebrae that have not been open for some time. Erik worked on my boyfriend and he has back problems and walked out feeling very relaxed. I know for sure I will be back. I believe regular visits with Faye could bring me the long overdue relief that I have needed. There is not a day goes by that my back and neck do not hurt, but yesterday I actually felt relief for the first time. Thank you both for your passion in what you both do. See ya soon. Stephen and Shana

Extremely positive
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My husband and I got a much needed couples massage. The experience was easy, relaxing, and extremely positive. Erik and Faye were amazing:)

Extremely knowledgeable
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

They are extremely knowledgable! One of the best massages my husband and I have ever received. We will be back! The atmosphere, oils used, and massage techniques applied were divine.

The massages were fantastic
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My husband and I are in town on vacation and decided to get our first couple's massage. I'm so glad we found Erik and Faye at Aqua Terra.

Booking online was super easy and a much appreciated convenience for us as we like to plan our vacations at one in the morning the day we leave.

Their location is great and the building easy to find. The front entrance to the building was locked as we had our appointment on a Saturday, but there was a sign directing us around the corner to enter through the door located next to their parking lot. Their suite was easy to find once we got in and up to the second floor.

Faye and Erik immediately made us feel comfortable in their warm little space. We kinda just wanted to hug them both as soon as we got there They provided us with water, had us fill out a form, asked if we had a preference of who massaged us, and went over what we were hoping to get from our massages, problem areas, and anything we wanted to have them pay attention to. Then they even let us pick what scent we wanted for our massage oils. I've never had anyone ask me that before and it was pretty cool.

The massages were fantastic. Faye paid awesome attention the areas I wanted to worked, found all the spots I didn't even know I could hold tension, and occasionally explained what she was working on, and made sure that I was paying close attention to my breathing (I'm notorious for holding my breath). She even spent time working on my feet, belly, and face which I've noticed many therapists neglect. I can't say what Erik was like, but my husband assured me he was also fantastic. They also use a great oil that allows them to move over your skin easily, but doesn't leave you feeling super greasy and gross.

After we were done they gave us plenty of time to come back to reality and get dressed. Then they each gave us some tips on stretches and spots they noticed we could pay attention to. We both really appreciated that. Often we know what's troubling us, but don't really know how to avoid it. We were able to easily pay with a Visa, drank some more water, and were on our way.

We'll highly recommend Erik and Faye to any of our friends in town and look forward to seeing them next time we're in Portland.

The best you'll find
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

These therapists are the best you'll find. They have a thorough knowledge of body systems and structure. They listen completely. They respect each person. Their excellent handwork skills are applied with all this and a heap of love and passion to help.

Incredible massage
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I absolutely love Aqua Terra Massage and can't think of anyone else I'd rather recommend if you're looking for an incredible massage. From the time you set up your appointment until the time you walk out the door, you are in great hands.

Really great massages
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Really great massages for both me and my husband. They absolutely know exactly how to pinpoint the problems you're having and how to fix them. I have had many massages in my life, but he was the first person who was able to address the source of my pain and helped me breathe through it as he worked on loosening my muscles. I dislike deep tissue massages because they are normally painful to me, but he was able to really work deeply on me in a non-painful way. I am so impressed and my husband was impressed as well. We're on vacation in this area, but every time we come back we will be booking with them again!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I took my boyfriend here for a couples massage a few nights ago. First, I loved getting a massage at 7:30pm. I was able to get rid of the stress of the day and slept like a baby. Faye and Erik were wonderful, attentive and very skilled. I felt wonderful and still do days later!

We'll definitely go again
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My girlfriend and I had a great experience! Unfortunately we we running late but Erik and Faye took our arrival with aplomb. Faye was able to work out some issues I was having with my calf and my girlfriend got what she wanted--a nice relaxation massage.

We'll definitely go again, just next time we'll show up on time.


I searched and searched for a place for my wife and I to get a couples massage for our anniversary. I read many reviews from several establishments that offer massage and I discovered a common thread: there was usually, even though it may have been a minor one, some sort of complaint about the service, the experience itself, price or some failure to meet their expectations. That is not the case with Faye and Erik. I haven't been able to find any client of theirs that is dissatisfied with their service. My wife and I could not be more ecstatic to have found them. There was never a time we felt uncomfortable in any way. We were treated so well and left feeling so good that we will return to them as often as we can.

Warm and inviting
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My husband and I wanted to do something special for our first anniversary and decided a couples massage would be a great "WE" gift. A Google search for couples massage in Portland led us to the husband and wife team of Erik and Faye at Aqua Terra. What a WONDERFUL experience.

The space was warm and inviting and the tables so comfortable and sheets so smooth it was hard to leave! They both took time to discuss our wants and needs form the massage and checked in periodically throughout the massage to make sure the pressure was comfortable.

My husband and I both agreed both Erik and Faye had a great touch and were able to provide us the fantastic deep tissue massages we wanted. We have had lots of massages and this one ranked pretty close to the top of our favorites! I highly recommend Aqua Terra for a couples or regular massage! We may be celebrating our anniversary this way more often :-)

Slept like a baby
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My husband and I got to enjoy Erik and Faye's talents last night. An hour massage customized to our needs. Slept like a baby last night and are still enjoying the renewed energy today!!! We will definitly be going back!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Wonderful experience!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Faye was amazing! One of the best massages I've ever had - and in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Great massage

My husband and I ran away from home for the weekend and a couples massage seemed like the perfect addition to our get away. So glad I stumbled onto Faye and Erik's information! Best massage I have ever had! Woke up this morning feeling like a new woman!! Great experience Erik and Faye do a great job making you feel comfortable and truly enjoy the art of helping and healing a body! THANK YOU AGAIN! We will be back for sure!!

An hour in heaven
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My husband and I had a couple's massage from Eric and Faye; it was an hour in heaven. It was an enjoyable and professional experience.

Know what they're doing
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

These people know what they're doing.

Whole new people
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to get a couples massage for Valentine's day and we were so happy we chose Faye and Erik! We both had lots of tension in our body and we honestly felt like whole new people afterwards! Before the massage we had a brief conversation discussing areas we wanted to focus on and what we wanted out of the massage. I had Faye and my boyfriend had Erik and they both did phenomenally asking us if the pressure was good and telling us if we needed to relax our limbs more, etc. My boyfriend was completely new to massage so I know he appreciated that Erik helped him with breathing and the relaxation. We loved that we each got to choose our own oil scent for our own personal needs and that the massage was tailored to the areas we had discussed upon arrival. I also appreciate Erik telling us to drink lots of water afterwards - I think we both went through a gallon that day but it was excellent because our bodies felt so cleansed! All in all, we have never felt better - even long after the massage and we will definitely be going back in the future when our body's need some TLC.

Best couples massage experience
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This has been the best couples massage experience I ever had. Faye and Eric are very nice and interested what the client like. Massage style was great we both had a deep tissue massage. They hit all the right spots.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My girlfriend and I went there as a birthday gift for myself. I have been wanting to do a couples massage for a while. I was NOT disappointed in anyway. I was so delighted I tipped extra ;-)

The husband and wife make a great team. The massage was for an hour and it was very relaxing but also very therapeutic. Erik says "you will feel this for a couple days" We felt great leaving the office and sure enough, the next day we could really feel how they had worked us over without working us over :-)

Will definitely visit them again.

Fantastic every time!

My husband and I have been coming to Aqua Terra for over five years now. I shopped around a long time for a good massage therapist, and am so glad I finally found Fay and Erik! They always do consistently great work, and each massage is different depending on what is going on with our bodies. They do deep tissue massage, which my husband and I both need. This has been a great place to go when we get the time in our schedule to actually have a date night. We love going to Aqua Terra, and are always recommending it to our friends!


This was my wife and I first massage and I got to say it was phenomenal! We have two small children and with the everyday constant stresses of life it is nice to find a place to unwind, and unwind we did. We still feel absolutely relaxed and would love to get back as soon as possible. Thank you again Erik and Faye you made our day off together float by ever so slowly.

Very peaceful

My husband and I went to this place for a couples massage on our anniversary this year. Very, very comfortable beds and soothing music. It's hard to find a place that will give both of you a massage at the same time, in the same room -- these guys do. I had a deep tissue massage which made me feel great. You can choose specific oils depending on what your mood/need is. We will go back again!

The sheets and massage table was like a cloud!

Wow...can't wait to go again! My husband and I searched high and low for massage clinics, spas, etc...and I googled massage in my zip code and stumbled across Aqua Terra. Most importantly, the website is extremely thorough and has a great layout which is a huge thing for me. There is a small biography on Erik and Faye, which I thought was great. I was extremely nervous about getting a massage because I never had one before it was nice to know who would be seeing me in (what I felt) is an intimate setting.

The office is located in a large building on Morrison/Grand which is extremely busy and loud...but I really couldn't hear a thing. So, as far as location is concerned, great! When we talked in, they were SO nice and kind, offered us water and instead of talking to us as a "couple" each therapist talked privately with us to determine what we watned out of the session. My husband had Erik, and I had Faye. I went in with soreness in my right shoulder and left with no soreness. I have lower back problems and she really made sure to focus on that. They really guided us through the process and it was great. I told them that it was the first time in my life I thought about literally NOTHING. Amazing! And the sheets...the sheets and massage table was like a cloud! ahh....getting sleepy just thinking about it now.

The price in my opinion is extremely affordable, but we weren't concerned about that anyway. We will absolutely be going back probably in the next month or two, and I can't wait. You won't regret going here.

I felt like Jell-O
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

By Olivia T. OH MY GAWD! I had the BEST....let me repeat that...THE BEST massage in my life here.

Aqua Terra is a massage business own by Erik & Faye (husband & wife) located in very inner SE Portland. They are specializing in couple massage, but if you are single, it's not a problem at all.

The studio is located on Weatherly building on SE Grand and SE Morrisson. It has a very cozy, relaxing, but yet professional atmosphere. Erik gave me the best massage ever. When he gave me the massage, he found spots where I have knots that I didn't even know. He also told me what's going on with my body and how to breathe properly to help with the soreness that I have on my body.

He's very professional, he really cares about giving you the ultimate massage and when my session was up, I felt like a JELL-O. It's that good! The price is about the same as the CHAIN massage place, but why settle for McDonald's when you can get a rib eye steak for the same price?

Aqua Terra is my true love to get my massage done from now on.

Cannot wait to go again

I've had many professional massages, from five-star hotels to being in someones living room, and I wanted to introduce my unititiated boyfriend to this fabulous escape. So I did my research and decided to trust the reviews of Aqua Terra Massage. We had our hour-long couples massage in January 2009 and it was the best massage I've ever had and my boyfriend loved it. The space is comfortable and you can tell that everything is centered around you being relaxed and enjoying the experience.

While I get massages to relax, I hope to come out of the experience feeling better both mentally and physically. I loved that Erik (Faye was doing my boyfriends massage and he shared similar stories) noticed points of tension and instead of just passing over them, really worked those spots - making the experience a bit more intense and much more rewarding. They focused on our conscious and unconscious wants and needs....that may sound silly, but I think a good masseuse will pay attention to how the body reacts and know more of what we need that we often know ourselves.

To conclude: This couple is worth every penny and I will be going back. With or without my boyfriend!

Best massage ever!

I've been to several different places for a massage (including a fancy lodge in Carmel Valley, CA) and I have to say that this was the best one I've had! My boyfriend and I went in together (it was his first massage and he loved it) but I'm definitely going back again by myself. You get to pick from several different scents of aromatherapy lotions and you can mix and match them. The massage is specifically tailored to what you need and they do everything from pressure points to a face massage--all in just an hour. My back/shoulders/neck were hurting when I went in and I walked out with zero pain. And, the price was definitely right! I would definitely recommend Erik and Faye to anyone.

So Personalized!

Great experience, wonderful massage, nice atmosphere, very professional and we will be back!

We scheduled our appointment online which could not have been easier, and showed up a little before 8 for our massage. We ran into Erik in the hallway and he enthusiastically greeted us. We both loved the room, very relaxing and comfortable, loved the artwork and even the lucky bamboo. We picked our massage therapist and although we were all in the same small room we were given one on one time with our choice, and discussed what we would like to get out of the experience. It was very, very personalized. We even had our choice of scents for massage oil. My sweetie had a massage for relaxation and mine focused on old injuries from a car accident, combined with breathing techniques I have learned through Tai Chi and Yoga over the years. Again, SO personalized! It was quiet, comfortable, warm, it was everything you'd want it to be for an hour of your life. When it was over I didn't want to get up I was so content. We also talked with Faye and Erik after the massage about what we should do going forward, how we'd feel over the next few days, real follow up. We will certainly be returning. I cannot say enough good things about our first experience with Faye and Erik!

Totally worth it!

My boyfriend and I went there and it was a very relaxing experience for the both of us. I didn't think it would be as romantic as it was! Erik and Faye were really nice and talked to us before the massage to take time to understand what we both wanted from the massage. The hour actually went by slow and I didn't feel like they were rushing or leaving anything out. This was our first time getting getting professional massages but we'd love to go back.

Super mini vacation!

It's like a super mini vacation! My wife and I are snobs when it comes to our massages. These days there's just too many people out there that are somehow certified in massage therapy.

Thankfully we found Aqua Terra. Fay and Eric are incredible at what they do and we feel very lucky to have found them. The studio is perfect. Very quiet and private setting. Great temperature. The beds are among the best I've ever been on and the blankets and linens they use feel luxurious! My massages have always left me feeling relaxed but worked. Which is exactly the way I want to feel after spending my cash and hour and a half of my time. I just realized that my wife and I have been going here for over a year and I have never written a review, so here it is. We highly recommend Fay and Eric! So much so that we once gave a gift certificate to Aqua Terra masage as a wedding present to some old friends. They told us it was one of the best gifts they received!

Exceptional massage!!!

Faye and Eric are both exceptional massage therapists and I have been meaning to write a review for them forever now. So here it goes... Best tables, that padding makes for pure luxury! Great temperature, wonderful linens, diverse music, chocolate treats and water - how thoughtful and kind! Friendly and caring people with shining personalities. And I haven't even mentioned their massages!! Eric and Faye are both strong and able to get into the deepest crevices to release year old tensions. I had a leg and foot injury that Faye was able to help resolve with her persistance and strength. Eric has worked on me as well and has a very intuitive style and the ability to help me truely relax on the table by focusing on breath work while giving a fantastic massage. I have had over a hundred massages in my life and wouldn't go anywhere else! They are committed to excellence and they are really fine people. Definately give them a try - you will not regret it!

You'll never want it to end...

YOU'LL NEVER WANT IT TO END..... Chip and I received our first couples massage on V-Day and have been back every other week since! No matter the stresses of your day, the things on your mind, the pain in your neck, or the tension in your shoulders, you will be amazed at how Faye and Erik make all these things and more dissolve under their fingertips. Erik and Faye are both amazing therapists, pleasant people, and they radiate a very caring, nurturing, and comfortable essence. They also offer great knowledge and insight. After entering the blissfully peaceful massage room you are greeted by 2 smiling faces, a glass of water, and your therapist will then sit with you to discuss your personal needs and wants from the massage. The Krippners both offer extensive knowledge in different types of massage as well as offering the client a deeper insight to what is going on with their body. A skydiving accident left Chip with a horribly busted shoulder and he has not been able to find relief from the pain anywhere or by anyone until Faye put her magic hands on him! I, have relaxation issues from hell and tend to hold a lot of stress inside my muscles. Erik works out all my kinks and brings me back to a state of calmness and oneness with my body. After our massages we are both so deeply relaxed, relieved, and our positive energy flow is at it's max. They have the most comfortable massage tables on the planet and their exclusive aroma therapy oils never fail to do their job. They play a variety of pleasant music, check in with you often during your massage, and they both offer appropriate and comfortable draping. You'll never want it to end, but when it does, your therapist sits with you again and offers very helpful advice on stretches, posture changes, and other things you can do on your own to improve what problems you may be having. Then with a smile and a big bottle of water (to take with you) they thank you for your time. A++, two thumbs up, please treat yourself to an Aqua Terra massage!

AHHmazing massage!

I've been to see both Faye and Erik many times and am constantly amazed by the continued great service, relaxed atmosphere and superb massages. I've NEVER had a bad massage from either of them. The couples massages have been incredible as well. We'll never go anywhere else.

Amazing massage, excellent value

My husband and I had a couples massage for Valentine's Day. Not only was my stress melted away but my body has felt remarkably better in the weeks since. Faye and Erik were both warm and professional in addition to being wonderful at what they do. I hope to visit again soon.

Greatest couples massage ever!

Greatest Coulpes Massage Ever! Great massage! I got one for my boyfriend and I on Valentine's day and it was well worth it. Faye and Erik listened to Mark and I and gave us each the individual massage we wanted while still being together. They were very personable and insured that we were both comfortable. My boyfriend liked it so much that he has booked us another appointment for our one year anniversary next month. Needless to say I can't wait!! :)


Fun! My husband and I booked a couples message. We really enjoyed the warm atmosphere, good music system, and heated message beds. For 180.00 for a couple one hour and a half it was well worth that. Faye and Erik are friendly and very much into their craft.

Extremely comfortable!

My partner and I were looking for a comfortable and relaxed environment for a couple's massage - and, that is exactly what we found at Aqua Terra. The massage therapists were friendly, welcoming, professional and relaxed. Prior to meeting with these professionals however, making the appointment online was easy and convenient. Upon our arrival at Aqua Terra for our PM appointment (a fabulous experience!), we were met by both massage therapists who talked with us about our needs and wants. They concentrated on our desires and checked in with us frequently. We were extremely satisfied with our massages and would return to Aqua Terra without hesitation.

Great couple's massage

Great couples massage. My boyfriend and I were so impressed! We both agreed that the Krippner's are the most peaceful couple we have ever met. Their space is beautiful, and they make their own scents which are delightful. The price is extremely reasonable. I loved the way Faye listened to my back issues and tried new techniques that I've never had done before. My boyfriend was so relaxed he fell asleep! It was wonderful, and I highly recommend it. The online scheduling is SO convenient, and my emails were returned VERY promptly.

Just the right touch

Just the Right Touch. I just found the massage I was looking for with Faye Krippner! I just put in 40 miles in 2 days paddling on the Columbia river and had scheduled a massage for the day after and another day later I feel fresh and ready to roll again. The stretches helped to unlock the tight/crampy areas and your deep tissue work helped me whittle away at some of my longer-term issues. Way to keep me in the flow, Faye. Thanks!

Wow-- Fabulous!!!


Wonderful place!

Wonderful Place! I love coming here! The therapists are awesome, and are excellent with each massage. The atmostphere is professional, and the tables are so comfortable! Best place I've been for a massage, and my husband loves it too!

Great atmosphere for receiving a massage, and they are talented!

Great atmosphere for receiving a massage, and they are talented! I have received several massages from LMP's over the years, with varying results. I had a great experience at Aqua Terra. Scheduling an appointment was easy to do online, and the lot parking really helped. The price was reasonable and compares to most other therapist rates. I felt very comfortable in the cozy studio. The cleanliness, lighting, music, and scent of the studio was calming and reassuring.

The massage I received was perfect. Being able to choose a hand crafted massage oil blend was a nice touch. The therapist really paid attention to my needs and respected my body. The communication was great. Everything was explained beforehand and my input was solicited during the massage. In addition to the relaxation my whole body got from the massage, my troubled knees felt great for a long time afterward! I recommend the full body one-hour massage to anyone looking for a relaxing or therapeutic massage. You'll love the attention and quality provided by these folks.

Great first experience!

Great first experience! I'm 56 years old and this was the first massage I've had from a Licensed Massage Therapist. I was nervous because having your body worked on is a very personal thing, especially by someone for the first time. My therapist made me feel very comfortable and at ease and my privacy was respected. Everything was explained very well and I felt in total control. My therapist has more than a skill. I feel being that in tune to another's needs is a real gift.

The embiance in the studio and the soothing background music really helped me relax. The studio was very clean and well organized. By the way, the view from the studio window is awesome!

My therapist knew just how much pressure to apply and my feedback was solicited during the session to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and needed. I even got to select a massage oil from several blends specially created by the therapists. The wonderful scents still linger in my mind.

Although this was my first experience at Aqua Terra, it definately won't be my last. I didn't want to get off the massage table, I could have layed there all day. I was very impressed. Thank you Aqua Terra. Keep up the great work!!

Personal attention and fantastic massage

Personal attention and fantastic massage. Both Erik and Faye are wonderful massage therapists. They are concerned about their clients' well-being, committed to fixing specific ailments, and they provide a very relaxing environment. I can recommend them for muscle therapy, stress-relief, and pregnancy massage. They are incredibly knowledgeable and whenever I've had a big ache, it's always been fixed with attention and care. Kind, sensitive people who are exceptional in their field ... HIGHLY recommended!

Erik's the best!

Erik is one of the best therapists I've ever encountered. He mixes deep tissue work with fantastic relaxation techniques, so after my massage I feel completely relaxed and dazed, and all of the pains I came in with are GONE! He has given me the best neck and hip massages ever. And really tunes into me. I think the biggest thing about working Erik is that I can tell he is totally focused on the massage. He describes what his doing and what is going on with my body. It's fascinating to learn about my body in a structural sense. Erik has given me some great tools to help me fix my neck. I completely trust Erik and appreciate the fact that he has taken his education so seriously.

I can recommend Erik to any woman who might be nervous about being massaged by a man. He is so gentle and respectful, and he is very modest with his draping. The business is very above-board and professional in an office building. If you're looking for an excellent massage every time, see Erik!

Fantastic massage, Fantastic therapists!

Fantastic massage, Fantastic therapists! For anyone needing a fix to their aches and pains...this is a MUST! Faye and Erik are great therapists who take their time evaluating your muscular problems with you. They coach you along to help improve your body on the massage table and off the massage table. I have been receiving massage therapy by Faye for several years now. She has eased my pains from daily computer use and relieved my muscles from the aches of my sport (rowing). Very prompt and professional service...and always with a smile and healing hands!

These two are phenomenal!!!!!

These two are phenomenal!!!! I have really, really enjoyed my massages from Faye and Erik (I've seen them both for relaxation and therapy). They are knowledgeable and highly trained - and can also do couples' massages (massaging two people on two beds at the same time) in their space. I've done it this way a couple of times with my wife and their space is well-suited to it, being relaxing and quiet, with low lighting suited to massage.

Great for an individual or couples

Great for an individual or couples. The Aqua Terra studio is a calming place to get a wonderful massage. Their couples massage is very fun to share with a friend, and it is just as welcoming to be there for an individual appointment. I have been receiving massage from Faye for five years and she is fantastic at treating my low back pain. I also love to make appointments for theraputic relaxation, to pamper myself, or to celebrate an accomplishment. Choosing from their custom blended aromatherapy oils makes each visit a unique experience.

Beautiful studio, great therapists

Beautiful studio, great therapists. My mother and I have come to Aqua Terra three times now, and we love this little getaway. Since she is elderly, she needs gentle, professional massage from someone who knows about the body. Both of the therapists are wonderful that way. I have had a lot of trouble with my neck and shoulders, and I get great treatment there too. It is a beautiful place to get massage, with a great view, and I like choosing a different essential oil blend. The therapists are very comforting and work well together. This is an awesome place to come to for real, therapeutic massage.

Best masssage in Portland!

Best massage in Portland! I've known Erik and Faye for over 3 years and have been seeing them for individual and couple massages during that time. My husband and I get at least one couple massage from them every year and I often see them for massages related to back and neck pain. They are always very welcoming, the studio is very clean, they have a nice selection of massage oil scents to choose from and they both have an extensive knowledge of body mechanics. They often consult with me as to how I can improve my healthy outside of the massage room through different exercises, stretches, etc. They offer flexible appointment times as well. It is a "whole person" experience to receive a massage from Aqua Terra and I keep going back!

Best massage ever

Best Massage Ever. The massage I received was probably the best ever, or maybe one of the two best I've ever had. The physical benefits were outstanding and the atmosphere was serene and tranquil. The theapist was very profession and friendly, and the massage was just what I needed.


Exceptional! Faye and Erik are amazing!! My fiance and I have been seeing them for two years now and we recommend them to everyone! They create a wonderfully inviting atmosphere and their special touches make you feel really special (bottles of water, lighting preference, choice of massage scent, heavenly tables, pre-massage discussions). They care about your wellness and give great tips for avoiding future pains and taking care of current ones. Overall, it has been the most wonderful massage experience either of us have had and we'll keep going back!

Knowledgeable! Great work

Knowledgeable! Great work! My wife and I went to Aqua Terra Massage for our anniversary. We both enjoyed the experience. I am a runner, and need sports massage to help me in my training. Erik is one of the best therapists I've worked with, and combines stretching with his deep work to unlock my hamstrings. I felt so much better after the massage! I highly recommend his work. My wife has had pain in her right shoulder for a while now. She loved her deep-tissue shoulder massage with Faye, and her shoulder pain was almost gone after her massage. We will definitely be back

Very good experience

Very good experience. Great massage - very good deep tissue (which I have had a hard time finding.) I especially liked Fayes talk about the problems she was finding and how I could hold my shoulders differently to avoid the shoulder pain. I sit at a comuter all day and her advice really helps.

I strongly recommend this place. Great massage, nice people, and very knowledgeable and willing to educate.

Professional, compassionate, knowledgeable

Professional, compassionate, knowledgeable. I love this place! Aqua Terra is close to downtown with good parking. Their space is professional, but warm and friendly. You're immediately put at ease with this shop's atmosphere and Faye's & Erik's warm personalities. Their massage tables make you feel like you're settling into a cloud. Talk about feeling pampered!

Erik & Faye really know their profession. They diagnose and treat aches quickly and give advice to avoid future trauma. You leave feeling like a new person and armed with valuable knowledge. I'm excited to try their couple's massage!

This shop is run with integrity, messages are answered promptly and they're punctual. As a busy professional, this is important to me. In my hectic life, both at work and home, an AQUA TERRA MASSAGE has become a must-have service for me.

Awesome date!

Awesome date! My boyfriend and I had a massage together before we went to Clark Lewis restaurant. Faye and Erik are great massage therapists, and we really liked their studio. It's really cozy, but very elegant and clean. We both like deep tissue massage, and they were both great. We'll definitely be back!

A must for everyone!

A must for everyone! I went to Aqua Terra because I have pain in my back and hips. I walked in the massage studio and immediately felt very comfortable. Erik gave me a deep tissue massage for 2 hours. I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes I was so relaxed. By the time he finished I was so relaxed I couldnt even stand. The entire experience was so amazing and comforting that I have recommended Faye and Erik to all of my friends and relatives. A few weeks after my massage I went to my chiropractor and she said that my hips have never looked in better shape. Erik really helped me and I swear by him now.

A most AMAZING Massage experience!

A most AMAZING Massage experience! I have traveled widely and have been a massage therapy enthusiast for at least 20 years. Aqua Terra Massage was recommended to me by family, knowing I had gone to Canyon Ranch (Tucson) for 10 years, and numerous other massage therapy practices, especially in recent years. I scheduled an appoint ment and was DEFINITELY, not disappointed! Since one of their specialties is couples massage therapy and I am a single, I decided not tto let that deprive me of the experiece. I opted for a 4-handed massage! It was trully the most amazing massage experience ever. I could not even tell there were 2 therapist working on my shoulders and upper back!! I highly recommend the experience to all.

Excellent massage

Excellent massage! Best massage I've ever had! Eric and Faye really know a lot about the body, my back doesn't hurt anymore! They gave me a really good feel of exactly what was happening, it really helped. Great deep tissue work, Relaxing atmosphere, good people, just an overall good experience